Valentine’s Day

Resource pack for 5th -9th Grades

1 Valentine’s Day Quiz



1 Who is St. Valentine? What is he famous for?



2 What did people used to believe would happen if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine’s Day?





3 What custom and time does the saying “he wears his heart on his sleeve” come from?








4 How do you call a date with someone you have never met?


5 Thanks to whom do people fall in love ? What is his “weapon”?


6 What flower is the symbol of love? Why?


7 What fruit is also known as the «love apple»?


8 What king declared February the 14th to be the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day? When did it happen?


9 What did ancient Romans celebrated on 14th of February?


10 In Roman mythology, February 14th is associated with this goddess. What is her name?



11 Name 5 countries, other than the U.S., that celebrate Valentine’s Day.



12 What does the word Valentine mean?


13 Who are Shakesphere’s «Star-crossed Lovers»?   


14 Suggest at least 5 Valentine’s Presents.







2 Find the words that rhyme with:

A Valentine’s colour that rhymes with “bed” : ________________

Something you give your Valentine that rhymes with “lift” : ____________

An emotion that rhymes with “above” : _______________

What couples go on that rhymes with “late” : _______________

A long, long time that rhymes with “clever” : ________________

A Valentine’s symbol that rhymes with “art” : ________________

What couples do that rhymes with “miss” : _________________

A strong emotion that rhymes with “fashion” : ________________

A way to hold someone that rhymes with “bug” : ________________


3 Words out of letters. Find 6 words associated with Valentine’s Day.







Extra task. What other words can you make out of these letters?
































4 Sort out words into the following groups:

Teddy bear, nice, card, present, heart, love, offer, bouquet, invite, pink, cupid, red, send, arrow, cuddle, smile, shiny, cute, blush, flower, sparkly, gift, make, tender, soft, lovely, give, sweet, chocolates,


























5 Link the beginning of the sentences with the appropriate end:

1. I’m absolutely crazy….

a. on you!

2. I have a complete crush…

b. my tummy!

3. You keep me

c. love you!

4. I have butterflies in

d. your charm!

5. I can’t resist….

e. about you!

6. I will always

f. awake every night


6 Read the text. Fill in the gaps with a word from the box and write them here to find the names of a famous couple.

What do you know about this couple?




A lot of people think Valentine’s Day comes from the United a)_______________. This is not b)_______________.

More than 2000 years ago the Romans celebrated the festival of love. It was c) ____________ Lupercalia. It was celebrated in the month of d)____________. Men and women played e)____________ to find a f)___________ or a husband.

Valentine lived more than 1500 years ago. He was put in g)____________ and he got the death penalty because he married h)____________ people in secret. Before he died he wrote a i)________ for his girlfriend and signed it with “Your Valentine”. He was murdered on 14th February.

That’s why we j) _______ Valentine’s Day on the fourteenth. It’s a k) ________ for lovers. We send cards to the people we love and we write poems on it. We sometimes write our own poem or we copy one from a book. A lot of people still sign their cards with “Your Valentine”.

Are these statements true or false? Explain

Valentine’s Day comes from America. _____

Lupercalia was a festival in Ancient Rome. _____

Valentine had a girlfriend. _____

Valentine was killed on 14th February. _____


7 Find the words in the grid. Then use the leftover letters to find the hidden message.












8 Unscramble the words. Then use the marked letters to complete the following rhyme:

Roses are red, Violets are blue



9 Valentine’s Cryptogram




Внимание, только СЕГОДНЯ!

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