1. Match the words and phrases with their definitions.


1. In a manner of speaking

2. More or less

3. Literally

4. Hand

5. Minutes

6. Broadly

7. Widely

8. Burst

9. Blow


a) Almost

b) Long parts that move round and show the time

c) (Accepted) by most people ingeneral way, even if they do not agree about all the details

d) Bylot of people, or inlot of places

e) hard hit from someone’s hand or an object

f) Used for saying that something is generally correct, but not exactly

g) A short period in which you do something withlot of energy or effort

h) An official written record of what is discussed or decided atformal meeting

i) used for showing that what you are saying is really true and is not just an impressive way of describing something




2. Underline the most suitable option in each sentence.


1. His theory is good as far as it comes/goes.

2. Doctors recommend Vitamin C for keeping colds at bay/hand.

3. Just give/fetch me a glass of Scotch and a good book and I’m a happy man.

4. Lee would certainly have been included in the team, but for/all but his recentinjury.

5. They’ve shown us nothing/something but kindness.




3. Complete each sentence with a word from the box.


way thinking invariably intents thoughts notice effectively


1. They announced they were shutting the unit and gave all the staff  ___________ .

2. The bridge threatened to give  ___________  as the flood waters rose.

3. «What if she’d been driving faster?» «It doesn’t bear  ___________  about

4. think she is having second  ___________  about leaving London.

5. Harrigan got up, still smiling, and went to the can_____________ cutting off further conversation.

6. During the middle ages the walls of Venetian buildings were constructed ___________ of brick.

7. They run a car that to all ­ ___________  and purposes iscommercial delivery vehicle.


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